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From serving Burmese refugees, to helping shape the future leaders of this world, Y360 is in an exciting time of impacting many. Here are a couple of great opportunities to partner with us !


Café 360 – a TV series production for African youth

The episodic TV series Café 360 is a unique opportunity to impact African youth by investing in the second decade of their lives. With its open, magazine-style format, Café 360 takes on a variety of topics relevant to today’s youth and leaves the audience with concrete, healthy, and contextualized ways to grow and change. Hosted by an international group of young men and women in a typical African café setting, the series has multiple 30-minute segments including a dramatic parable, testimonials, and an artist’s take on the topic of the day, all revolving around the hosts’ performance in the café itself. This is a unique opportunity to reach out to the youth of Africa through performing arts.

We need actors, screen writers, production crew and connections. We invite partnerships and donations to help us with production costs. We need YOU! More on Café 360.

2015 Goal : $550,000


Help us pay off our facility


Y360 Facility

We want our God-given facility to be ours debt-free and help make our ministry much more sustainable. Eliminating mortgage payments allows us to cut our operating costs by half, and helps us pour precious resources directly into our ministry initiatives such as Café 360. This will make us more effective, and also make long term growth and sustainability a greater reality. Please partner with our passions! More on our Sustainability Campaign.

2015 Goal : $50,000



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TV series “Cafe 360″

TV series “Cafe 360″

With its 30mins magazine-style format, Y360's TV show Café 360 takes on a variety of topics relevant to today’s youth, in a fresh and redemptive way...
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